The Planets in astrology

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The planets in a chart represent different things. The houses they are in represent the area of your life the energy of that planet is directed in. The sign represents how you approach that area of your life.

Here is a basic overview of the planets in astrology:

The Sun- The Sun represents our core values- what we closely identify with. It is the lens through which we approach the world. It rules over the sign of Leo.

The Moon- The Moon represents a host of things, but namely our emotions, emotional state, and mothers. It rules over the sign of Cancer.

Venus- Venus is the planet of love and partnership! Because of its rulership over Taurus, it can also be associated with how you make your money. The arts are also associated with Venus. It can also denote how and where you will find your partner, and what they might be like. It also rules over Libra.

Mercury- Mercury is often associated with thoughts, intellect, and speech. Some also associate it with the third house, and therefore, cars, vehicles, and transportation. It can also be associated with education. It rules over the signs of Gemini and Virgo, although this is debated. Some believe it rules over the sign of Aquarius.

Mars- Mars represents the action, passion, and energy. Where do you spend your focus? What do you gain energy from, and where do you direct it? It can also be attributed to anger, sex, motivation, and desires. Mars rules of over the signs of Scorpio and Aries.

Jupiter- Jupiter has long been associated with luck, abundance, and expansion. It also represents prosperity. It rules over the signs of Jupiter and Pisces.

Saturn- Saturn is the planet of lessons, discipline, and karma. Things you need to learn in this lifetime.It also rules duty, your father or father figure, and responsibility. It gets rid of what it needs to, so you can move forward and grow. Though change is always painful, Saturn is there to direct you to change for the better. It is the traditional ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius.

Uranus- This planet represents change (usually abrupt change), technology, invention, and storms. In a chart, it can also represent individuality or where you find your freedom. It can also be associated with accidents and electricity. It is a modern ruler, and co-rules Aquarius.

Neptune- Neptune represents your hopes, dreams, and visions. Ideals, intuition. illusions, and the arts are all also associated with Neptune. It is a modern ruler, and co-rules Pisces.

Pluto- Pluto is often attributed with things such as death, destruction, and transformation. It’s not so simple. Along with death, we have rebirth. With destruction we can rebuild. It also represents obsession. It is exactly this obsession that reminds us of what we need to let go of in our lives. In my form of astrology, this is the primary reason of Pluto- what we need to let go of. Some people also attribute it to power. I think of Pluto as a deep healer. It is a modern ruler, and co-rules Scorpio.

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