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3 min readJan 20, 2022


If astrology is the study of life, progressions are how we grow. Because we, like life, are not static. We often take the natal chart to be the be-all-end-all, and tend to rely on transits that trigger our natal chart. It is of course, never that simple.

This is because, as previously stated, we are not static, we do not stay the same. We may have inherent traits, or tendencies, as seen in the natal, but that is not all we are. That is not even who we are.

Progressions help accompany one facet of life- and while transits are the planets as it is currently in the sky, we understand we are not these transits. These are merely cycles of life. Well, perhaps attribute progressions to the cycles of ourselves. If the natal chart is the seed, and the transits are the weather, progressions interact with both of these things to produce one thing- growth.

Progressions are how we grow. This growth encompasses our actual growth as people, as well as how we grow into ourselves. Progressions may provide insight into the cycles of ourselves, or our psyche. Add that to the current transit “weather”, as well as our natal chart, and you get a much fuller picture of a person.

The natal, of course, always reigns supreme, but progressions can provide valuable insight to what we are struggling with right now, things that may not be reflected in our transits or our transits’ aspects to natal. They may even reflect internal struggles or battles. That is not to say that all progressions are a battle, they may just simply provide insight to how we deal with things now. Progressions show us how we are now.

Progressions are meant to be layered on top of the natal chart and current transits. This is best done by examining and understand the progressed chart by itself first, then in relation to the natal, and then in relation to the transits. Then, you may combine the progressions’ and transits’ aspects to the natal for the full picture, although, that last part is best done separately.

Growth and change, both willing and unwilling, is daunting. But we can always choose how this growth affects us. Will we decay? Or is that simply a closing of the cycle? The choice is ours. We cannot choose how something impacts us, but we can certainly choose what we make of it.

I hoped this help give you a basic understanding of progressions and how to use them. I did not get into the specifics, such as how they are calculated, but the main goal is to give a basic overview of what they are and how to use them, not how they are calculated. If you have any questions or anything you would like me to cover, please let me know in the comments section below, or contact me. Thanks so much for reading!

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